The Blue Fusion Closing – Sunday September 13th 2009

•September 11, 2009 • 8 Comments

Hello my darling Blue Fusionites!

Well…. it seems the time has come…. for the Blue Fusion to close it’s teleport.

I spent a month trying to find a buyer for the Blue Fusion, but there are no takers.  It is a costly operation to own a club, an island and contribute to the Second Life economy.  I can no longer afford to keep the club operational in finances and time.

The Blue Fusion has acted as a place for people to meet, to share thoughts, loves, ideas, music and art.  To learn about people from across the globe and from right next door.  We have had so many wonderful adventures and built a family that is so very hard to say goodbye to.  I have personally contributed to the Second Life economy, the talented artists, musicians, DJs, comedians, builders, vendors, philosophers, mentors and lovers.

To all of you… I want you to know how much you all mean to me…  and to those that have been coming to the Blue Fusion, since its inception, January 2007, almost three years ago, I love you all.  Thank you for sharing with me this wonderful setting, and helping to make the Blue what is has been.  A great place to socialize and to learn about each other.

The Blue Fusion was built by accident, just a few walls and a music stream, the staff and the family that came to follow from it did not come by accident.  We were all meant to meet and to learn from each other and I am greatful…

Fairie, as Operations Manger, has done a wonderful job in the last year to keep the Blue Fusion running as a loving family and a supporter of the arts.  She has kept the events running, the place alive and worked hard chasing me down where ever I was off working… (not an easy thing to do!)  You will always be a friend and sister to me… Thank you.

Pepper, thank you for all your hard work and love for the EU crowd!  Your love for the Blue always showed thru!

Fangorn, all your talent, loyalty, kindness, patience, and support for the Blue Fusion will always live on!  I hope that I never lose your friendship.

To the Blue Fusion Staff… thank you for being so kind to the guests, it makes all the differnce in running a club, and making people feel welcomed here.

As our closing moments, we will do a ROAST for the Closing of the Blue Fusion.  We will open the chat on the dance floor and let people talka bout their fondest memories, crack ones about things they would have always changed, tease me if they want!  It will be open and fun… in voice or Public Chat.

SEPTEMBER 13th 12pm – 2pm SLT – Live ROAST to the Blue Fusion – all welcome!!!


The Morning Wake

•September 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

With coffee in hand, I go outside to watch the world awake up
The community of birds that are happy to see we have joined them, bringing our feeders full of delicious seeds, their conversations of the morning amusing and playful
The flies that are not really welcome, feeling that they have a purpose in the world, though I find myself wondering what it is
The bees have found the zen garden, chasing each other around, playing tag
One sweet cat examining something in the dirt that has caught his intense attention and the other cleaning himself in the sun, peaceful as can be
I see more apples and pears have ripened to the ground, laying amongst the buttercups in the grass
The spider that built itself a trap in the ladder, has broken down his home to build in a higher trafficked area, the partial web begun, a hope for food is strong on her mind.
The sun is glistening all around and I am feeling warm and inspired.

You are here

•August 2, 2009 • 2 Comments

The light wakes me, the purr of a cat by my side

my head spins in thoughts of the day before, the day to come

I hear your breathing beside me, the smell of your sweet skin

I can’t believe that you are here

The warmth of the coffee brewing floats up the stairs

Letting the cats in the out door I think of all that you have said

Work sifting in, dawn breaking

calls, emails, keys clicking

I can’t believe that I am here

you come down the stairs, sleep in your eyes

a smile that warms me

and a greeting of love

I can’t believe that you are here

you gather your thoughts, my head spinning for some time now

I come to you in the morning light of the porch

you smile, like you have missed me so long

and you ask me if I want to hear a poem

I can’t believe that we are here

you read to me in your voice that calms me

thoughts and words floating from your mouth

the sweetest mouth I have ever known

and you sooth me with words of flowers, love, lines

Heart of calm

I can’t believe that you are really here

The on going tales of Mister Mouse

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See it from the begining… an adventure for all

Cylindrian makes the news on

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Our very own Cylindrian does a great interview with that covers her experiences performing in SecondLifeTM.  This interview is an amazing contrast to some of the negative comments that come out of virtual worlds.  This interview shows the real life influences and effects that a virtual world has, different from the concepts of role playing.  This is Grace, this is Cylindrian, one and the same….. Really good job girl!  Proud of you!


500+ Second Life Blogs

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Once again, thanks to my darling DoubleDown, there is a a great gathering list of Second Life bloggers that ArminasX Saiman put together.  Sadly I am not on it :((  But I will not wither and die… maybe I will make the next list! Smiles….

Music in search of words

•March 12, 2009 • 1 Comment

Music, the sounds that bring emotion to words.  It can be like a taste, a smell, a smile, a heartbreak. It can create a marker for time, it is a memory.

You can tell an entire story in one song, or a lifetime in many.  I find that no matter what I am doing, I always fall to music.  I consistantly relate a song to a person I know, knew, wanted to know.  To a place I was happy, had my heart broken, lived by myself, caught a smile of a sweet person.  It is my background, my foreground, my grounding… hmmm I used that word in my valentine’s posting about love.  Yes music is grounding to me.

What song reminds you of your mother, of your first day at college, of you first kiss, your last breakup?  What song takes you back on that vacation, that cruise, that trip to the beach?  For me… there is no one song that defines my life, it is a waterfall of sounds and words that make up what I am, how I got here, and where I want to go. 

So the next time you hear a song, let your mind wander, take you back to a place that makes you smile or capture a snapshot of time, with a song.

Hugs and poofs Holli